Free two-week trial period for Advanced Academics’ Homeschool Studios, Pooler

Advanced Academics Homeschool Pooler Savannah homeschooling Chatham County

Advanced Academics in Pooler, which provides education services for early learners and homeschoolers, offers a two-week trial or grace period for families who want to try the homeschool program but want to see what it’s all about first before committing.

Get to know Advanced Academics in Pooler before making the switch.

Call 912-348-2017 or enroll online here.

Homeschool: Advanced Academics provides learning experiences for your homeschool student in the core subjects of reading, writing, and math.  While on campus, students have a three-hour block with qualified teachers, leaving the rest of the school day for parent-led learning in science, social studies, and specials.  Learn more here.

Early Learners: Choose from AM (7:45-11:15) or PM (12:15-3:45) sessions that take place in Advanced Academics’ Early Learning Studio with a 12:1 student-to-teacher ratio. Learn more here.


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