Coastal Heritage Society’s new Mobile Museum now available to Savannah schools, organizations

Coastal Heritage Society Museum Mobile Museum Savannah schools

Coastal Heritage Society in Savannah launches the Mobile Museum, an innovative concept to take museum stories and interactive experiences into schools and community centers using educational programs delivered at Coastal Heritage Society museums.

Programs will include STEAM-based projects, environmental education, social studies curriculum and health and wellness education.

The new Mobile Museum is designed to bring Coastal Heritage Society educational activities out into the greater-Savannah communities and beyond, especially to groups that are unable to visit the museums due to capacity or budget constraints. The new programs have been piloted through school partnerships with Esther F. Garrison School for the Arts and Virginia L. Heard Elementary Academy.

The new STEAM-based Mobile Museum workshops include “Busy Bees,” which teaches the life cycle and anatomy of pollinators through games and activities, “Mad Scientist,” which shares science lessons through wacky, hands-on experiments and “Rocketry,” which demonstrates flight through the construction of wings and angles.

The social studies-based Mobile Museum classes will include “Civil War Student Militia,” an interactive demonstration teaching about Savannah’s Civil War history, and “Revolutionary War Student Militia,” a hands-on lesson illustrating the life of 18th century soldiers.

“Charlie Cart” and “Indigo Dyeing” educate on a variety of different subjects throughout each learning experience. “Charlie Cart” uses a compact mobile kitchen to highlight classroom concepts, cooking skills and cultural themes. “Indigo Dyeing” teaches participants about the scientific process behind creating indigo dye and the plant’s unique history in the Southeast, while also exploring shapes and pattern making.

All of the educational programs can incorporate Georgia Performance Standards and are delivered by and coordinated through Coastal Heritage Society educators, primarily to engage grades K-8 in the region.

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