Savannah Summer Camps 2016: STEAM, Art, Photography, Video Game Development Camps @ Telfair Museums

Telfair Museums Summer Camps 2016Summer Camps 2016 @ Telfair Museums Jepson Center in Savannah.

For more information or to register, call 912.790.8823.


Portfolio Builder: Drawing Camp
Session A: ages 10–14, May 31–June 3, 9am–3pm
Session B: ages 10–14, July 5–8, 9am–3pm
Members $160 / non-members $180
This four-day camp helps upper-elementary and middle school students improve their drawing skills and begin the process of developing art portfolios. Students focus on measurement, proportion, perspective, and use of value to create volume and space. The camp also includes practice portraiture and sketching from clothed models to create a comprehensive, professional experience. REGISTER HERE. 

Master Artist Photography
Session B: ages 13–16, June 13–17, 9am–3pm
Members $200 / non-members $235
This intensive, weeklong program offers hands-on skills with both digital and manual cameras, exploring black-and-white photography, digital photography, and the basic functions of 35mm cameras. Instructors emphasize the advancements of digital media and Photoshop, while also covering conventional methods of film photography, including pinhole cameras, to supplement the experience. Using the documentary photography exhibition Elvis at 21 as inspiration, this program takes students on “location” shoots in the historic district and culminates with a reception and exhibition of their photographs in the Jepson Center. REGISTER HERE. 

Raising STEAM: Technology, Art, and Electronics
Ages: 10–12
June 20–24, 9am–3pm
Members $200 / non-members $235
This comprehensive STEAM camp allows young people to explore the artistic potential of technology. In this weeklong camp, students use a variety of technologies and methods to create art and express themselves. Students gain skills in 3D printing, Photoshop, and basic computer programming with Arduino microcontrollers. They also learn how to solder their own electronic noise toys, plus much more! This program culminates with a reception and exhibition of participants’ work in the Jepson Center. REGISTER HERE. 

Videogame Development
Session A: ages 14–18, June 20–24, 9am–3pm
Members $175 / non-members $195
Full STEAM ahead! In this weeklong camp, students design and build their own videogames! Using open source game-making software, young adults learn the basics of computer programming from scratch, while also getting the chance to invent worlds, create characters, and play games. This summer camp culminates with a reception and exhibition of student videogames in the Jepson Center. REGISTER HERE. 

Museum Explorations Pre-K Camp
Ages: 4–6
July 25–29, 9am–12pm
Members $100 / non-members $125
Stave off the summer doldrums! Exploring Telfair Museums’ three sites and exhibitions has never been so much fun. Each day, participants explore a new exhibit and learn to create the very same type of art seen in the galleries. This program helps children find inspiration through drawing, painting, and printmaking, immersing them in innovative arts lessons taught by professional artists. REGISTER HERE. 

Crafters Camp
Ages: 8–11
July 18–22, 9am–3pm
Members $175 / non-members $195
The ultimate experience for crafty kids, this camp is crammed with a variety of exciting craft projects, including screenprinting, knitting, friendship bracelets, calligraphy, face painting, and much more. In this weeklong camp, students explore techniques in a rich array of crafts to inspire and develop their talents as independent makers. REGISTER HERE. 

Videogame Design with Scratch
Ages: 12–14
July 25–29, 9am–12pm
Members $100 / non-members $125
This summer camp teaches students how to create their own videogames using Scratch, a colorful programming environment that makes it easy to bring interactive stories to life. In class, students collaborate on developing a game from its origin to its final polish. This is a fun and informative way to introduce younger students to the art of videogame design. REGISTER HERE. 

Scholarships for summer art camps are made possible by Kathy Von Hollen on behalf of the Margaret F. Perryman Charitable Trust. Additional support is provided by Hargray Communications.

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