Toddler Tuesday nature programs at Oatland Is. Wildlife Center, Savannah

Toddler Tuesdays nature programs for kids in Savannah at Oatland Island Wildlife Center

If you are new to the Savannah area or are a new parent, then you need to check out Toddler Tuesdays, a fun weekly program that celebrates nature @ Oatland Island Wildlife Center, 711 Sandtown Rd. Savannah, GA, 31410.

At Toddler Tuesday, children & their parents/caretakers experience nature through themed activities including live animal encounters, wildlife nature walks, storytelling, songs, interactive finger-play & crafts.

Oatland’s naturalist Michelle Kelly leads these exciting & educational sessions.

Program fee includes program and entrance to Oatland Island Wildlife Center and trails.

Admission rates & driving directions here.

Toddler Tuesdays at Oatland Island Wildlife Center.
Programs are at 10 AM & 11 AM on Tuesdays each week . Pre-registration required before 4 PM Monday prior. Call 395-1517 or register online by clicking here. 

Toddler Tuesday Program Fees for 2015:
General: $5 per child $5 per adult
Friends of Oatland Members: $5 per child, up to 2 adults FREE!

Program fee includes program and entrance to Oatland Island Wildlife Center and trails.



December 1 It’s a Small World After All—Ever looked through a microscope? We will explore the microscopic plants and animals that live in the sea that make up the base of the food chain. We will use hand lenses, microscopes and projectors to see the unseeable!

December 8 Come Rain, Come Shine— What makes the weather? Come rain, come shine: we’ll learn about clouds, wind, and the sun and how weather can be your friend, or not. Whatever the weather, we’ll be here at Toddler Tuesday learning all about it.

December 15 Run, Run as Fast as You Can— What happens when the gingerbread boy escapes around Oatland Island? We will learn all about omnivores, carnivores and herbivores and which animals would love a cookie treat and which would not. All cookie monsters are invited to come to this TT. Any special cookie request can be made upon registration.

December 22 Polar Express!— It is that time of year again to hop on the polar express. We’ll pretend to catch the midnight train to the arctic and end up polar, where we will learn all about life in this extreme environment.

December 29 Christmas Bird Count-– We will investigate which of our fine feathered friends stick around in the winter. While Audobon is conducting bird surveys all around the U.S., we will pull out the binoculars and do our own little Christmas Bird Survey.

Oatland Island Wildlife Center Wildlife, 711 Sandtown Rd. Savannah, GA, 31410 (912) 395-1212 Driving directions here.



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