De Colores Cookies y Mas: your go-to spot for handpainted cookies in Savannah

handpainted cookies Savannah birthday parties

De Colores Cookies y Mas – owned by Elida Rooney – specializes in handpainted cookies for any occasion. De Colores cookies are full of humor, sarcasm, love and every other emotion that you feel like putting on a cookie.

Want to congratulate your friend for having a baby, but don’t feel like just saying “hey! Congrats!” Send them one of Elida Rooney’s cookies that say “HOORAY, YOU MADE A HUMAN!” and other funny messages that REALLY welcome them to motherhood.

Want to thank someone for pet sitting, baby sitting at the last minute or just thank them simply for being them? Send them a box full of love with a personal message from you on one of Elida’s cookies.

Handpainted Birthday Party Cookies Handmade Savannah Not only does Elida Rooney make cookies, she also produces fresh bread, bagels and the best dang chocolate chip cookies.

Personalize any gift with gift tags and special gift boxes.

If you want to send someone something truly unique, take a look at De Colores Cookies y Mas etsy shop.

Message Elida if you would like a custom order for a special occasion and your own personal listing.

De Colores Cookies can deliver anywhere in Savannah and will ship all around the US.

De Colores Cookies y Mas, owner Elida Rooney,, email, On Facebook here  On Twitter @elidaortiz On Instagram: @elyrooney

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