Quiet time & free photo with Easter Bunny for children with autism or other disabilities, sensory issues, 4/12, Savannah Mall

Sensory Friendly Easter Bunny Savannah Mall This Saturday April 12, the Caring Bunny will greet families at the lower level of Center Court in the Savannah Mall, located at 14045 Abercorn St.

With an atmosphere free from bright, flashing lights, or high-energy music, all children with different abilities are invited to meet Caring Bunny at this free event from 8-10 AM April 12 2014.

Children with autism have senses that can be oversensitive or under-developed, which affects how they experience different environments, making background noises unbearably loud or confusing. This can cause anxiety or even physical pain.

Savannah Mall’s Caring Bunny greets children in a calm environment, in an effort to make the Easter Bunny experience enjoyable for everyone. In addition, families will be given a 5 x 7 photograph from the visit and a complimentary ride on the children’s train.

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Savannah Mall, 14045 Abercorn Street, www.savannahmall.com , 912-927-7467. The Savannah Mall is a SouthernMamas.com advertiser.

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