From Macho to Mom: a military sergeant’s humorous handbook for surviving being a stay-at-home dad

From Macho to Mom bookJ. Masters is a retired USAF Sgt. SERE Instructor. He spent over 20 years within the strict discipline of the military and he was good at it what he did, more than good really. He was an exceptional member of the United States Air Force. He thrived.

Then came retirement.

J. Masters tried out several professions after retiring from the military, but he never found anything that fit his personality so well as the SERE field. Then his wife, several years his junior, graduated and Masters decided that it was his turn to tackle homemaking and child-rearing full time while she became the bread-winner.

And tackle motherhood he did.

The results of his applying military principles to household life were at times ridiculous, at times fruitless, and, most times, comedic. Day after day, Masters discovered that there was something infinitely more challenging than performing pre-jump checklists and surviving enemy interrogation (no enemy interrogator is quite as effective as a child asking all the whys of the known universe)- housewifery (as he so aptly coined) was the most challenging role he’d ever played.

One day, Masters sat down at his computer- the house finally quiet with the older kids at school and the younger kids napping- and started typing (rambling really). Every day, he penned the hilarity and chaos of household maintenance.

From Macho2Mom, in all its randomness, will have you laughing, crying and truly appreciating the greatness of mothers all over the planet.


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