FREE Skidaway Marine Science Day 2014, Savannah, Oct. 25

Skidaway Marine Science Day 2014 FREE Savannah kids eventsSkidaway Marine Science Day in Savannah on October 25 2014 will feature a new sea turtle display.

A young loggerhead sea turtle named Rider will make its public debut at the University of Georgia Aquarium on Skidaway Is. on Saturday, Oct. 25, as part of Skidaway Marine Science Day.

This FREE annual campus-wide open house will be noon to 4 PM Sat. Oct. 25 on the campus of the UGA Skidaway Institute of Oceanography on the north end of Skidaway Island.

Rider was hatched in August  2013 on Wassaw Island. Rider was a straggler, meaning he did not successfully get out of his nest when he was hatched.

He was brought to the aquarium by the Caretta Research Project after being approved by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. The staff at the aquarium has been caring for Rider for the past year, allowing him to grow large enough for public display.

FREE Educational Activities on Marine Science Day

Free kids’ activities on Marine Science Day include:

*Rider’s debut
*unveiling of a new gray whale exhibit and an expanded touch-tank activity.
*science talks, a reptile show, touch tanks and behind-the-scene tours of the aquarium.
*Tours of the 92-ft UGA Skidaway Institute of Oceanography’s Research Vessel Savannah & its science displays, including a display on the developing field of underwater robots.
* marine science exhibits
* hands-on science activities.
* displays & info on Georgia Coast marine life @ The UGA Shellfish Laboratory
* displays, demos & activities from a wide range of science, environmental and education groups, such as The Dolphin Project, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center & The Nature Conservancy

Children also will have an opportunity to help protect the marine environment by bagging oyster shells used for oyster reef restoration projects. Kids can also operate a remotely-operated-vehicle in a swimming pool and pick up objects from the bottom.

All activities at Skidaway Marine Science Day 2014 are free.

For additional information, call 912-598-2325, or click here.

UGA Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, On Facebook here, 10 Ocean Science Dr., Skidaway Is.,Savannah, GA 31411, (912) 598-2400,

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