Children’s CDs: Freckles “Be My Friend” by a former Savannah mom

Freckles CD Be My FriendIt was love at first listen for us.

Freckles’ debut CD “Be My Friend” manages to do the impossible: entertain kids while simultaneously reminding us parents to savor every second of our kids’ fleeting childhoods.  Even better: the CD was created by Savannah native & Savannah Country Day School graduate Laura Crane – better known as Lalo Friedman while growing up in Ardsley Park & Dutch Island. We love seeing fellow moms succeed at achieving work/life balance – especially when Lalo has a 3 & 5 year old at home.

Like all parents of curious preschoolers, we especially appreciate a song called Why? As Lalo says, it’s the perfect song to croon when your kids start asking the endless Whys. Why does a dog bark? Why can’t I put my mouth on the grocery cart? Why’s it so hard to walk up a hill? Why would I ever ever want to stay still? 

The CD is available at The digital copy of the album is on iTunes at

Read our Q&A with Lalo  – originally published in the Savannah Morning News – by clicking here.

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