This Week’s Saved by the Deal: 50% off Polka Dots, Savannah

50% off at Polka Dots in Savannah this week with Saved by the Deal This week’s Saved by the Deal: 50% of Polka Dots in Savannah. See the deal details here.

It is official, Savannah’s best gift shop, is offering a $20 Gift Card for $10!

The Vera Bradley Collection is Perfect for Mothers, Babies with Style, Beach and Summer Fashion.

Take a Tour of the Store!

Sandles, Candles, Cards, Crafts and More!

Men’s Fashion, Gift Registry, Team Pride or a heart for Savannah

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Polka Dots, 107 Charlotte Rd, Ste E, Savannah, GA 31410 tel: 912.898.3730,  Saved the Deal is a advertiser

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