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Coastal Empire Montessori Charter School Open Houses
6 PM Jan 26 & Feb 3 2012; 11 AM Feb 18 & Feb 25 2012

Coastal Empire Montessori Charter School is a Montessori Learning Community serving children three years old through the second grade. The school is growing and will add a grade each year until a full compliment of elementary classrooms is reached. Currently, the school has openings in the 3-year old program, 4-year old program, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade and Fourth Grade for the 2012-13 school year.

If you would like more information on enrolling your child please contact the school office at 912-238-1973 or visit the school website at www.cemco.org .

The internationally-recognized Montessori method of teaching helps children reach their full potential in all areas of life by teaching them to take responsibility for their own learning. Montessori learning activities promote the development of critical-thinking skills, emotional growth, and physical coordination. The Montessori method of education has long been seen as an approach that successfully meets children’s individual needs while teaching them to become contributing citizens to our society.

An Organized Environment

The entire school is set up to support the child’s self-directed learning. Together, the teacher and student form a relationship based on trust and respect that fosters self-confidence and a willingness to try and explore new things.
Highly-Trained Teachers

The Montessori teacher functions as a facilitator, resource person, role model, demonstrator, record-keeper, and meticulous observer of each child’s behavior and growth. At Coastal Empire, all teachers are Montessori-trained and Georgia elementary teacher-certified.
Proven Teaching Methodology

At Coastal Empire Montessori Charter School, children are provided a basis for critical and abstract thinking through activity-based education. Montessori educational practices are characterized by:
• Child-centered rather than teacher-directed
• Hands-on and activity oriented as opposed to textbook curriculum
• Based on continuous progress
• Self-directed with a control-of-error system
• Based on recognition of progress as opposed to numerical grades
• Dynamic in that children are encouraged to move around and make choices of activities
• Set on a three-year age span of children within the classroom; older children teach younger children, building self-esteem and a sense of community
• Materials are introduced through individualized instruction; Montessori teachers help children to take responsibility for their own learning
• Emphasis is on concrete learning that leads to the abstraction of concepts and skills
• Children working for the joy of working and the sense of discovery
• An environment that provides a natural sense of discipline.

Coastal Empire Montessori Charter School, supported by the Montessori philosophy and method, educates the Whole Child. By nurturing the total development of the child and fostering respect for self, peers, community, and nature, the child will be prepared to take their place in society and work toward a peaceful world.

For more information on Montessori Education please visit the following websites:
www.montessori-ami.org  (Association Montessori International)
www.amshq.org  (American Montessori Society)

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