Guest post from Hubbard’s Maid Service: To clean or not to clean

Below is a guest post by Nicole Hubbard, owner of Hubbard’s Maid Service, a advertiser.

 . .that is the question! Several days ago I was speaking with a client, who will go unnamed, who was returning full time to the professional work force. She was trying to budget in-maid service for her home because, with her new work schedule, house work was going to be very difficult for her to get to. As I was explaining different price options to her, and she was listening intently, I stopped in mid sentence.

Now, I don’t ever like to turn business away, but to me, good business is always thinking about what is best for the client as opposed to oneself. I could tell in her voice the uncertainty she was feeling about going back into the work force full time and the regret she was feeling about having to do so. It is unfortunate that for so many of us, we need dual incomes to support our families. There is an intangible value to a parent pursuing a career in the home, as opposed to the professional world, that is often not recognized or appreciated. Pursuing a career in the home often requires the same hard work, self- sacrifice, and dedication that professional occupations such as the Military and Highway Patrol require.

Anyway, I stopped in mid-sentence during my conversation with the client because she was going to increase her maid service budget with me because she was going back to work. However, was going back to work really in her best interest?

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