Guest Post from Hubbard’s Maid Service: How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Nicole Hubbard, owner of Hubbard's Maid Service in Savannah, with her son Jedidiah.

Below is a guest post by Nicole Hubbard, owner of Hubbard’s Maid Service, a advertiser.

Wow! Since giving birth to my son, my time is much, much more precious to me. I get things done in the seconds, minutes, and occasionally the few heavenly hours that arrive in my life like diamond treasures. The things I used to do on my own time, time that I took for granted, I will never possibly be able to do again, at least for a long, long time. I have to analyze every decision I make as to how to get a task done, “how” being operative. Even as I sit here and write I am carefully measuring my words as I don’t know how long before my son is going to wake from his slumber.

Money is tight for everyone these days but I fantasize about getting my hair professionally blown out once a week, heck I fantasize about taking a shower once a week! I love to garden and water my flowers and am now considering hiring a lawn service because I don’t know when I would be able to water them in this soon to arrive hot summer. Things I would have done myself and enjoy doing now need to be delegated to others. If I can afford to pay someone else to do it, as a mother, it really makes sense to do so because time is precious!

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