‘Bunnicula’ Halloween musical will have your kids howling @ Savannah Children’s Theatre

Sure, “Bunnicula” – a Halloween musical at The Savannah Children’s Theatre   – has a vampire theme. But the production is as adorable and non-scary as grinning trick-or-treaters at your front door.

The theatre’s adult cast brings this popular children’s book to life at 10 AM Sat. Oct. 13.

In the production based on the children’s book by Deborah & James Howe, the Monroe family returns home from the movies with an abandoned rabbit who turns out to be Bunnicula, a fanged creature who makes nocturnal trips to the family fridge and scares the family pets.

While your kids will be fascinated with Bunnicula (operated by puppeteer Paul Gabbard), the real stars of the story are Chester the Cat (Maggie Lee Hart), a sassy, smart kitty, and the cynical, clumsy Harold the Dog (Brandon Kaufman). The comedy duo try to protect the Monroe family, who have been finding their veggies drained of their juice (a white tomato!)

The fun script has a nice blend of humor designed to appeal to varying ages. The physical antics of Chester and Harold as cat and dog entertain the younger children. Bunnicula is suitable for little children with only a few mildly scary moments.


Based on the book by Deborah & James Howe
Adapted and Lyrics by Jon Klein
Music by Chris Jeffries
Directed by Kelie Miley

Bunnicula plays again at Savannah Children’s Theatre at 10 AM Sat. Oct. 13

Tickets are $10 for students/children, seniors and military: $12 for adults. Tickets can be purchased at www.savannahchildrenstheatre.org  or at the theatre box office the mornings of the shows. 2160 E. Victory Drive, Crossroads Shopping Center, next to the Piggly Wiggly. 912-238-9015.

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