Tale Tale Art’s personalized children’s books for creative gifts; SouthernMamas readers receive 15 percent discount

Tale Tale Art is the home of personalized illustrations and books for children. These charming customizable creations go beyond the standard insert-name-here.

Does your child have a favorite fairy tale*? You can order a book with original illustrations that incorporates your child into the story. You also have the option of customizing an original story for your child, describing a family experience or a fantasy story.

With both options, you will be in direct contact with the artist and writer throughout the entire process, to make sure you are satisfied with the story and all the illustrations within the book. Your child will be able to read the books for years to come!

The books are playfully readable (over and over again) with imagery that will charm you. So will this: mention SouthernMamas.com to receive a 15 percent discount at Tale Tale Art.

At Tale Tale Art, no request is too extraordinary. You can also obtain original illustrations (posters) from popular stories* for children to use in a nursery or child’s room. And if you don’t see the illustration for the story you are looking for, you can always contact the artist directly to request it.

What a creative way to tell a child “Happy birthday” or “I love you”.

*All the stories illustrated by the artist must be part of the public domain.

Tale Tale Art, www.taletaleart.com, contact via email at taletaleart@hotmail.com  Tale Tale Art is a SouthernMamas.com advertiser.  

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