Savannah Children’s Birthday Parties: Puppet People makes parties easy & fun

Stressfree isn’t the adjective typically used to describe childrens’s birthday parties. But that is exactly how I would describe my children’s combo birthday party this past weekend at Angela Beasley’s Puppet People “The Puppet Place” in Thunderbolt.

When it comes to children’s birthday parties, Puppet People do it all for you: from providing a fun atmosphere and a lively, animated puppet show as well as taking care of those pesky details like paper plates, utensils, even the matches to light the birthday candles.

The party hosts (who take care of keeping the kids entertained at all times) are not only energetic and upbeat, but also informative about puppets and puppetry as an art form. Our two-hour event included a puppet demo, a puppet show, a puppet-making craft – all interspersed with, music, fun games (limbo!) and bouncing balls to keep the kids stimulated. All I had to do was show up with cupcakes, popcorn & party favors.

The Puppet Place is a 1,000 square ft. indoor event space bedecked with puppet decorations and confetti-carpeting. It’s the ideal spot for a party when you don’t want to have to worry about the weather. And during good weather, you can extend your party to a backyard canopied with pecan trees and Spanish moss. Best of all, these creative birthday parties at Puppet People’s “The Puppet Place” are private. There aren’t other children’s parties happening there at the same time, as at some venues. Yours is the only party!

Explore Puppet People’s different packages listed here to learn about Puppet People’s parties and shows.

Contact Puppet People for prices and availability. Book Puppet People Party Place. Call 912-355-3366 or email

Here’s how it works, for the little ones:
•Choose your party theme
•Choose a puppet show from our “family-friendly parties” section
•Pick a date
•Contact Angela Beasley’s Puppet People to book it!

What’s included:
•A party host to tend to every need
•An interactive studio tour (you get to go behind the scenes!)
•Two hours in the fantasy-filled puppet factory
•Music, games and bouncing balls
•Puppet-making: each guest leaves with their own puppet

Price is dependent on time frame, number of attendees and themes. Puppet People can make your fantasies come true. Contact Puppet People today and they can create whatever you can imagine.

The Puppet Place, 3119 Furber Avenue, Savannah, GA 31405, 912-355-3366, Email Puppet People is a advertiser.

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