Need new lullabies? Check out Putumayo Kids “Acoustic Dreamland” CD

putumayo-kids-acoustic-dreamlandLet’s face it. We only have a handful of years to sing our kids lullabies before they’re putting themselves to sleep. So now’s the time to make sure we sing them the best lullabies we can find.

The Allman Brothers “Blue Sky” is the newest lullaby my kids and I are crooning around the house these days at nap and bedtime. It’s the perfect lullaby to chase away the winter blues.

Credit the new Putumayo Kids CD “Acoustic Dreamland” for putting that tantalizing tune – and so many others – on the tip of our tongue.

The CD – set to be released Feb. 22 – features 11 singer-songwriters (including Elizabeth Mitchell singing the Allman Brothers’ “Blue Sky”) performing unplugged, soothing music to help the wee ones unwind. The CD begins with Lucy Kaplansky performing a rendition Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Dreamland.” Now if this isn’t the ideal lullaby to end the day and savor our little ones’ childhoods, we don’t know what is.

“Every sleepy boy and girl in every bed around the world
Can hear the stars up in the sky whispering a lullaby
Who knows where you’ll fly away winging past the light of day
The man in the moon and the Milky Way welcome you to dreamland.”

Disclosure: We received the CD at no cost for this review.

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