Coastal Empire Education Conference: Homeschool 101, Savannah

Friday and Saturday June 17-18 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Family Admission: $26
Featuring Keynote Speaker: Sue Patrick, Creator of the Workbox System!
The Workbox system is an effective teaching system to reduce your organizational time and increase your child’s self-control, independence and learning. Specialized for: Autism, ADD/ ADHD, and Large Home School Families. This system will complement your existing curriculum!
Sue ‘s system is an easy approach to optimize and organize your homeschool from preschool to high school, and will allow you to teach your child more effectively and at the same time help you to better organize your school day! Sue will also share her tips for problem-solving your curriculum , behavioral, comprehension, and answer general homeschooling questions. MORE INFO HERE:
Also Offering Workshops By:
Cara Ellison
Homeschool to High School, College, Military and Beyond
Cara Ellison homeschooled three sons from Kindergarten through High School. She’ll share her experiences and insight on College and Military Admission and the homeschooled child, the benefits of homeschoolers receiving Hope and other financial aid for college, and State Laws and how they affect homeschoolers. Cara will also share her philosophy of homeschooling and the methods she used and discuss what really counts in homeschooling.
The Matthew Reardon Center for Autism
Educating a Special Needs Child
The Matthew Reardon Center will address such topics as modifying curriculum to accommodate learning styles, behavior techniques, setting goals, and much more
Homeschool 101
Getting Started
Discuss Homeschool Approaches from Classical Education to Unschooling
Hear how local parents implement home education
Legal Requirements of Homeschooling

College Options
Armstrong Atlantic State University
Find out what AASU higher education options are available for your children.
SCAD: The University for Creative Careers
How to Prepare a Dynamic Artistic Portfolio
Learn helpful tips on preparing a dynamic artistic portfolio! This session presents the fundamentals of successful portfolios and what our review committee looks for in portfolio submissions.
Georgia Southern University
Discover what Georgia Southern University has to offer your children.
Georgia Tech Savannah
Discover the differences between careers in science, technology, and engineering as well as summer camps offered by Ga Tech Savannah.

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