Savannah Safari: a self-guided kids walking tour of downtown Savannah architecture

savannah-safariLooking for a way to introduce your preschooler to Savannah’s downtown historic architecture?

Check out  “Savannah Safari,”  a $6 booklet that takes kids on a quick and easy walking adventure through Historic Savannah. Today, I took my 20-month-old daughter and 3-year-old son on the tour. Although my daughter may be a little young to “get it”, my 3-year-old son really enjoyed the search for architectural animals in gardens and squares (horse hitching posts, lion statues, frog fountain, dolphin downspouts, gargoyles)  

You can order a copy on the Savannah Safari Web site. The illustrated booklet complete with a map is also available at  Girl Scout First Headquarters, 330 Drayton Street, or the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace (10 E. Oglethorpe Ave).

For more info on another kid-friendly self-guided downtown Savannah walking tour/scavenger hunt, click here

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