Live-in childcare in Savannah area: No $350 AuPairCare application fee for SouthernMamas readers

aupairAuPairCare is happy to make, cross-cultural, live-in care an option in Savannah and surrounding areas.

Have you ever looked at a successful couple and wonder how they do it? Both husband and wife work full time jobs, run a family business, work as politicians or in philanthropy? It’s quite possible that they have a family member that lives in their home, but it’s more likely that they have live-in childcare.

For years, au pairs have been the secret of success for families in cosmopolitan areas like New York and Los Angeles and now that option is available to you. Your children will be exposed to different languages and cultures without having to leave the comfort of your very own home.

AuPairCare is the only au pair agency with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. AuPairCare provides live-in childcare in the Savannah, Hinesville, Richmond Hill, Statesboro, Bluffton, Beaufort and Hilton Head Island areas.

Au pairs from more than 40 countries are screened overseas and, as a family, you are able to interview and select your own au pair for the best possible match. In the best cases, au pairs save families money while providing a rich cross-cultural experience.

Most host families find that the young adult they host becomes a member of their family and a life-long friend to their children. Read essays from participating families and find out more about the program by clicking here.

NO APPLICATION FEE FOR SOUTHERNMAMAS READERS! AuPairCare’s $350 application fee is being waived for SouthernMamas readers from Aug. 2 – Aug. 9. Apply at with promo code: AUPAIR$

To find out more information about live-in childcare starting at $340 per week, call 912.844.8487 or log onto

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