Coastal Gold Exchange opens in Savannah Mall

coastal-gold-exchange-logoThat gold necklace from a less than golden ex-beau has been collecting dust in your jewelry box for too long.

At a new business in Savannah Mall – Coastal Gold Exchange – you can exchange  jewelry you never wear anymore for quick cash. Coastal Gold Exchange buys gold/silver/platinum jewelry items.

Do you have a broken necklace, bracelet or missing earring? Coastal Gold Exchange buys those as well. They will buy any gold, silver or platinum jewelry, no matter the kind or condition.

cge-savannah-kioskGold jewelry has become one of the more popular items on the market as of late, as the price of gold has increased and people are finding that they can turn their old and broken jewelry into jewelers and refineries for cash.

Just be sure to do your homework and find out what that piece of gold is worth before you decide to sell.

Coastal Gold Exchange is an alternative to the long-distance, mail-in cash for gold companies and pawn shops.

To find out more about Coastal Gold Exchange, click here.

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