Brainy Roger Day Children’s Concert in Savannah this weekend

rogerday2002Chances are Roger Day is the only children’s musician who has written a song that tells kids what to eat to strengthen their brain.

Blueberries are what you chew
If you want to elevate your IQ
Folic acid in whole wheat in bread
Now that’s a smart thing to feed your head

“Brain Food – Eat it Up” is one of the many smart tunes on his new album, “Why Does Gray Matter? And Other Brainy Songs for Kids.” Another highlight is the tune “Left Brain/Right Brain,” in which the left brain (logical) is a string quartet and the right brain (creative) is a Clash-inspired punk rock band.

My left brain follows the directions
It always starts at “a” goes to “z”
My left brain loves to do my taxes
It fills out every form on Schedule C

Day writes and performs interactive music that encourages children to sing and jump along. The two-time winner of a Parents’ Choice Gold Award will perform songs from the album in his family show, “Shake Up Your Brain!,” at 12:30 PM Sat. March 27 at the Charles H. Morris Center in Trustees Garden as part of the Savannah Music Festival. Tickets are $10 adults 18 and older, $5 age 6 and older, under 6 free.  Buy tickets by clicking here.

If last Saturday’s Savannah Music Festival children’s concert The Amazing Musical Rescue with RJ & The Upbeats is any indication, the Roger Day concert is sure to be a fun time where kids can be themselves. The performers and Savannah Music Festival ushers couldn’t have been more patient and relaxed when it came to kids – aka my 1-year-old – who couldn’t sit still or stop blaring the show-provided kazoo. The Savannah Music Festival deserves a round of applause for including family, kid-friendly shows in the series. What better way to show gratitude and support than by attending this Saturday’s Roger Day concert.

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