Savannah moms, are you accidentally teaching your kids to swear?

hear-no-evilIn one of my favorite books, Anne Lamott’s “Bird by Bird,” Lamott tells a story about her then preschooler son Sam’s cursing. One day Sam pretended to lock himself out of the house, and then proceeded to try to unlock the door with his toy keys.

When he couldn’t fit the keys in the lock, she heard him say, “Sh-t.”

She made the silent Munch painting scream and then told Sam that both of them absolutely had to stop using that word right away.

He said, “OK,” but then asked, “Mom, do you want to know why I said ‘sh-t’? It was because of those f-ing keys.”

I know how Lamott feels. In my newspaper column today, I write about what happens when my toddler starts mimicking Mommy’s verbal indiscretions. Read the column here.

Thanks to all the SouthernMamas readers who shared their cursing kids stories!!

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