Savannah children’s birthday show: pirates, magic, music

story-ship-button-adHere’s a fun idea for entertainment for a children’s birthday party: hire a pirate-parrot act.

Captain Goodie Twoshoes and his parrot Pete will take your birthday child and party guests on an amazing undersea adventure. Here’s the jist of their birthday show: Goodie can’t remember how to open his magic chest full of treasure. So he calls upon the kids and his animated friends to help.

With loads of ruckus magic, music and comedy, kids are swept away with belly laughs and songs.

The children participate with Goodie by playing percussion instruments, helping with magic tricks and solving riddles. There is even crazy pirate rabbit trying to steal Goodie’s gold. The rabbit appears through out the show in a hilarious series of magic tricks. In the end, kids figure out how to open the chest and Goodie shares his treasure. Of course, there is a special treat for the birthday child.

For ages 3-8.

Treasure hunts are also available.

For more info, click here. Call 1-877-444-8253 or email to book your child’s pirate-themed birthday party.

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