How not to be a football widow – from a self-proclaimed ‘Bulldog Idiot’

nancyblogphotoWomen can be divided into two groups.

Those who know exactly when to yell “Hold that line” and “Flag on the play!” during a football game. And those who are more concerned with sampling the best dips at tailgaters than deciphering the ref’s mystifying sign language.

I’m ashamed to admit I am in the latter group. I’ve committed every football faux pas in the book, including cheering “Defense! Defense!” when my team’s quarterback was on the field.

And if the start of football has you dreading another season of pretending to know the difference between a safety and a snapper, then you should check out Nancy Remler’s blog, “Learning the Dawgs: A Sport Idiot’s Quest to Become a Football Fan.”

Nancy is a local Coastal Empire mom, wife, teacher, UGA graduate and hilarious writer.

dawgs3When Nancy married in 1990, she knew her hubby was a football fan, but she underestimated the extent to his zest for the sport. For 17 years, she suffered football widowhood before realizing that she couldn’t fight the Dawgs.

She’s resolved not only to watch the games, but to actually ENJOY them.

But first she needs to learn the game. She’s documenting her progress on her blog, er, blawg, here.

If you’re already a football expert and know quite well that split ends are about more than bad hair days, you should still check out Nancy’s blog and comment on her posts.

If you’re like me and want to finally understand what the appeal of football is beyond plaid blankets and cute earth-tone sweaters, then definitely visit Nancy’s blog. The glossary of football terms alone is a must-read before attending your next game party.

Click here to start talking like you know what the players are really talking about the huddle.

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