Meet a passionate, affordable photographer

Searching for a professional photographer whose sessions won’t break your bank?

Check out our sponsor, weller-photo.JPGLynnae Weller, owner of “Weller Is Deeper” and some of her work pictured here.

Lynnae has a passion for pictures. She loves to photograph, create, combine, and work with pictures to see them come to life and capture special moments. She specializes in photography, DVD slideshows (also known as photo montages) and photo restoration.weller-photo-2.JPG

Lynnae photographs families, children, pets and events. Her love for life spills over into her art. She finds nothing so beautiful as outdoor photography, so she chooses to do only on-site shoots.

Any images taken during a photography shoot will not be copyrighted. You have the option of receiving your photos on a CD, download them from a private website created just for you or have them uploaded directly to a website that you can order them from. You may have them printed where and how you choose.

Contact Lynnae by clicking here or call 912.921.4541. She offers $5 off to SouthernMamas subscribers.

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