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Toddler Tuesdays at Oatland Island Wildlife Center

Toddler Tuesdays nature programs for kids in Savannah at Oatland Island Wildlife CenterOatland Island Wildlife Center
Wildlife and education programs
711 Sandtown Rd.
Savannah, GA, 31410
(912) 395-1212

Admission rates & driving directions here.

Toddler Tuesdays at Oatland Island Wildlife Center.
Programs are at 10 AM & 11 AM on Tuesdays each week . Pre-registration required. Call 395-1500

Toddler Tuesday Program Fees for 2014:
General: $5 per child $5 per adult
Friends of Oatland Members: $5 per child, up to 2 adults FREE!

Program fee includes program and entrance to Oatland Island Wildlife Center and trails.

Toddler Tuesday Topics 

If you are new to the Savannah area or are a new parent, then you need to check out Toddler Tuesdays, a fun weekly program that celebrates nature @ Oatland Island Wildlife Center, 711 Sandtown Rd. Savannah, GA, 31410.

At Toddler Tuesday, children & their parents/caretakers experience nature through themed activities including live animal encounters, wildlife nature walks, storytelling, songs, interactive finger-play & crafts.

Oatland’s naturalist Michelle Kelly leads these exciting & educational sessions.

NEW TIMES: 10 AM & 11 AM

Admission rates & driving directions here.

Toddler Tuesdays Programs sare at 10 AM & 11 AM on Tuesdays each week . Pre-registration required. Call 395-1517. Be sure to register by 4 PM the Monday before.

Toddler Tuesday Program Fees: General: $5 per child $5 per adult Friends of Oatland Members: $5 per child, up to 2 adults FREE!

Program fee includes program and entrance to Oatland Island Wildlife Center and trails.


August 12            Cats and Boxes-–Do you know how to play like a cougar?  Our cats love to play in boxes.  We’ll have some pretend cougar play time, decorate a box for our favorite felines and watch them play in it.  It will be a roaring good time!

August 19             It’s a Small World After All—Ever looked through a microscope? We will explore the microscopic plants and animals that live in the sea that make up the base of the food chain.  We will use hand lenses, microscopes and projectors to see the un-seeable!

August 26            Animal Armor— Don’t let down your guard for this class because we are going to have fun exploring animal armor.  Bones, spines, hair and exoskeletons, we will learn all about how animals protect themselves.

September 2        All Things Wiggly—What writhes and wriggles, squiggles and makes you giggle? We will get down to earth in this class and explore worms and caterpillars.

September 9        Tortoise tots – It is tortoise hatching season.  Come to this toddler Tuesday and get a really close look at their babies.  We will learn all about this special, sensitive species and why they are so important to keep around.

September 16      Walk, Fly, Sink or Swim— Get up and move on over to this class, we are going to learn all about animal movement and migration.  Sink?  You may be curious.  The ocean is full of sinkers.  If you don’t know what I mean, you will have to come and find out!

September 23      Mesozoic Mud Play– Dinosaurs and Mud.  Sounds like a dream play date for your tot.  Wear your old clothes for this program, and bring a change, because we are making a mess and learning about a muddy swamp of the Mesozoic period and who lived there.  Just a warning—this class is going to be a challenge for you neat freaks.

September 30      Animal Hide N Seek—Why and how do animals hide?  We will learn all about camouflage in this class.  We will investigate body coverage–colors, patterns and shapes that make critters disappear in the wild.  We’ll play some games that demonstrate the remarkable ability for an animal to disappear and be unnoticed.

October 7             Bats eat bugs—They don’t eat people.  October is International Bat Month!  We will study bats at this Toddler Tuesday and dispel some myths and learn to appreciate these nocturnal aerial acrobatists.

October 14           Fossil Hunt–  Bones young, bones old, what is this calcification all about?  We’ll discover the role of the skeletal system and talk about fossils.  We will be celebrating National Fossil Day the Oatland way!

October 21           Who’s Awake?—If Wahoo hoo is not awake, then we will wake her up to come to her annual autumnal Toddler Tuesday debut.  Owl breeding season has arrived and we want to make sure you can tell Who is hooting in your back yard.

October 28           Trick or Treat—It is Halloween so we are going to hand out sweets to our animals and find out who at Oatland has a sweet tooth.  Bring your strollers because we will be hitting the trails for this class.

November 4         Born to Roam– Not all who wander are lost!  Especially our biggest animal at Oatland the bison!  Wander over to this Toddler Tuesday and we will learn all about the largest land mammal in North America.  We will explore all about prairie habitats and how important bison are to grasslands.  Do we have bison in Georgia? Well, you will just have to come to class to find out that mystery.