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Children’s Sports/Fitness

Savannah Children’ Sports Programs for Winter 2013

Winter 2013 Savannah Celtic soccer in Savannah.
Sessions for various ages as well as the Early Goals toddler soccer program. Discounts available.

Celtic can now be found in 3 locations for your convenience.  The same elite soccer training that was once limited only to Savannah can now be found in Bloomingdale and on Wilmington Is.

SCFC offers affordable pricing and discounts to ensure that soccer is the most inexpensive sport option for your children. Register at Savannah Celtic FC, which runs Savannah’s most highly rated recreational soccer program for kids ages 30 mths. through high school. Details here


Starfish Swim Lessons in Savannah
Chatham Aquatic Center, Savannah
7240 Sallie Mood Drive
Savannah, 31406-3991
(912) 652-6793
Each session consists of 8 lessons.
Click here for the March 2012 schedule.
Session Fees
Non-Member:$ 50 Member: $38
Non-Member Consecutive Session: $45 Member Consecutive Session: $33
Second Child:$45 Second Child: $33
Star Babies: $25 Out of county fee: $60

StarBabies (Ages 6 months – 36 months)
The purpose of this course is to build off of the skills and love of the water learned in StarBabies. The course does not teach children to be accomplished swimmers; it does prepare young children for the SeaSprites level of the Starfish Swim School. One parent or trusted caregiver must be in the water with each child. Swim diapers are required.

SeaSprites (Ages 3-5)
Designed to meet the needs of pre-schoolers, this class will develop a high comfort in the water, a readiness to swim, and for those children who are developmentally ready, teach beginning swim skills. Students work toward development of the five core swimming competencies and receive color level patches for each achievement. Approaches teaching skills through creative, fun activities.

SeaStars (Ages 6-8)
Students work toward development of the five core swimming competencies and receive color level patches for each achievement. The color levels are used to divide students into broad ability groups. Children progress at individual rates with the opportunity to learn the core swimming skills and progress to advanced strokes. Learning is self-paced but challenging.

SwimStars (Ages 9 & Older)
Students are divided by age group (Ages 9 – 14, Adults) Classes are taught along the same philosophy as SeaStars.

StrokeStars (Any age that meets skill prerequisite)
Swimmers refine freestyle and learn stroke technique for backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and more!

The AngelFish program is designed to meet the needs of your special needs child. These classes are taught along the same philosophy as the Starfish Swim School. The classes will provide necessary teaching adaptations and or adaptive equipment that may be required to make your child as independent and successful in the water as possible. Private lessons are available for children and adults of all ages.

Swim Teams in Savannah (all meet at the Chatham Aquatic Center)
7240 Sallie Mood Drive, Savannah, 31406-3991

  1. Starfish Swim Team
    A developmental program where swimmers learn and refine competitive strokes, develop an understanding of basic training principles, and are introducted to competitive swimming in a fun and low-key environment.
    Refine strokes: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly
    Train like Pros using pace clocks, starting blocks, flip turns, and official rules and regulations.
    The Team meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7 PM.
    Cost is $50 per ten practices. Cost includes entry into quarterly inter-squad swim meets and a party for all swim team athletes.
    Sign up at the Chatham Co. Aquatic Center front desk. More info here. The StarFish Swim Team is coached by StarFish Aquatics Institute certified swim instructors.
  2. Savannah Swim Team
    912.927-swim, email
  3. Georgia Coastal Aquatic Team (GCAT)
    912.352.0792 or 912.663.7292
  4. JEA Swim Team (Open to non-members & members of JEA)

The JEA offers a competitive youth swim program for swimmers ages 5 to 18 years old. The Tornadoes is a member of the Coastal Swim League. We focus on building endurance, stroke mechanics, turns, start and finishes. Swim meets are arranged with other area swim team within the Coastal Swim League. Child must be able to swim the length of the pool for consideration on the team. Parents are responsible for providing the child with a team bathing suit.