Spring 2023 Arts Classes @ Savannah Arts Cultural Center

Parent & Me Music Class, Pre-Ballet, Violin, Draw & Painting classes

Registration is OPEN for Spring 2023 Classes at the Savannah Cultural Arts Center. Youth Classes begin Monday, April 10. Teen classes start March 27. Your favorites are back, from parent/child movement to homeschool art, youth clay, and dance.

Looking for something new to try? Check out these brand new classes:

Parent/Child Music Class (0-2 years)

Pre-Ballet (3-5 years)

Violin Explorations (3-4 and 5-7 years)

Drawing and Painting (Teen)

Plus, brand new offering for adults too! Abstract Acrylic Painting, Acrylic Portrait Painting, Hip Hop Dance, Intro to Modern Dance, Jazz/Contemporary Dance, Savannah SLAMS – Spoken Word and Performance, and Seated Dance for Limited Mobility.

View the full class list and register: savannahga.gov/arts


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