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Janis Ellington provides Addiction Counseling on an individual basis and in group settings for adults @ Low Country Counseling in Savannah.

She offers support, education, and treatment for those seeking help for Substance Use and counseling for their loved ones. Janis is Low Country Counseling’s “go to” for Recovery Resources as she has treatment connections that reach nationwide for adults and adolescents. Janis possesses true compassion for those living with addiction and has a creative ability to identify and link to the best treatment approach. She wants to open doors and connect anyone wanting help with the right fit for their unique needs.

Learn more about Savannah therapist Janis Ellington here. 

If you or a loved one is in need of support, Low Country Counseling offers specialized therapy for individuals, moms, couples, families, and teens. Contact Low Country Counseling for any questions or to schedule an appointment. Help is available.

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