Moms with Cameras beginner photography class to start taking better pictures, Oct. 11, Savannah

Moms with Cameras beginner photography class Savannah Is your fancy digital camera still in full auto – just like it was when you first took it out of the box? Why not sign up for a Shuman Fine Art Photography’s beginner’s photography class and learn how to get more from your camera and take better pictures!

Moms with Cameras Class is Sat. Oct. 11 2014, 10:30AM-2:15 PM.
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This class is PERFECT for mom and dads who desire better family snapshots!

The class will cover:
-10 Tips for Taking Better Photos and how to get your kids to cooperate
-How to get off auto mode
-Training Wheels
-How your lighting matters
-Using your Camera’s Basic Settings
-Lens Overview
-Practice shooting indoors and out

Moms Photography Class Savannah Everything You Need to Know To Take Better Photos WHAT’S INCLUDED:
-cheat sheet for your camera bag
-swag bag
-Printed notes covering the lessons taught so that you can continue to practice and refine your skills at home
-A private Facebook group to stay connected and help each other learn even after class is over

-DSLR camera OR point and shoot camera
-camera manual
-pen and paper (in case I say something mind blowing and you want to remember it)
-any extra lens you may have

The three and a half hour Moms with Cameras group class is $135 per person (with an option to pay only half down). Class size is limited to 7 students so everyone will have an opportunity to ask specific questions. Reserve your spot today! Sign up here.

Private Class
Interested in a private individual class? The private one-on-one photography class is a great way for a you to get help with your specific camera. The class cover the basics of what goes into an exposure, go over the features of your camera, and suggest when to use certain features of your camera to allow you to take better pictures. The class will also cover the differences between different lenses and which lens is best during different circumstances. A three-hour class at your home is $250.

Also please check out Shuman Fine Art Photography’s professional work here.

Jillane Tucker, Shuman Fine Art, email, 912.826.4447 Shuman Fine Art Photography is a advertiser

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