Guest post from Hubbard’s Maid Service: What’s Behind Your Fridge?

Below is a guest post by Nicole Hubbard, owner of Hubbard’s Maid Service, a advertiser.

What’s Behind Your Refrigerator
Do you ever wonder what is lurking behind and underneath those dark corners? The mysterious areas which are underneath the bed and behind the couch? How about the refrigerator? EEWWW! Well, if you ever, ever have some spare time and have absolutely nothing to do and the Housewives of New Jersey isn’t on yet, why don’t you tackle one of those mysterious dark places?

Cleaning behind the refrigerator will, in fact, assist in it running efficiently. If you are able, pull your unit away from the wall. Sometimes they are tucked in snugly and have to be shimmied out of their position. Be careful not to pull too hard and too far or your water line might come out of the wall.

When removed, what you see may frighten you (dead roaches) – – or excite you if, you find that thingy you were looking for. In my years of cleaning, I have found some strange things behind refrigerators, the strangest being tampons (still in their packaging, thank goodness!). But if what you see frightens you then it’s time to clean!
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