A love letter to Whole Foods, Savannah

Below is today’s Savannah Morning News column:

Dear Whole Foods,

Word on the street is you, a multinational “supernatural” grocer, are considering opening a store in Savannah.

I am not sure I am strong enough to handle it.

Especially since the proposed location — in the old pink Backus Cadillac site on Victory Drive — is just an organic pomegranate seed throw from my house and a spot I drive by regularly. As a faithful Kroger-card holder (who can pass up those gas-discount points in this economy?), if you move into town, I’d be tempted to “cheat” multiple times a day by your endless rows and endless abundance of alluringly displayed, healthy, sustainably-raised food.

The developers won’t name the grocery store eyeing the site, but all indications are that it will be you, the Austin-based market that’s been dubbed America’s healthiest grocery store. Foodies and arugula-o-philes call you mecca. People like me who love you but are on a Family Dollar budget, call you Whole Paycheck.

I’ve been to Whole Foods in other cities. This is what happens when I enter your wonderfully haute-crunchy stores….
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