(Pooler Preschools, Summer Camps 2024) Preschool Care & Camp @ Advanced Academics Academy

Fun, customized, play-based, thematic learning @ Advanced Academics Academy Preschool

Each student Advanced Academics Academy preschool in Pooler will spend most of their learning day with children near their age as they learn student skills and fun subjects from the thematic curriculum such as Simple Machines!

However, they can group with other children that are on the same instructional level for their small group core curriculum including reading, writing, and math if they are ready to move beyond their grade level’s standards.  This specialized learning strategy accommodates asynchronous learning so they may experience instruction without frustration or boredom.

Unlike traditional early childhood education programs, students @ Advanced Academics Academy receive curriculum individualized to each student’s learning levels. Classes are taught by experienced, degreed and certified teachers.  They do experience the commercial version of holidays like passing out cards, but do not teach religious origins.  All questions are deferred to parents.

Like  public schools, Advanced Academics Academy preschool serves children Monday through Friday and for a  full-term academic year. They blend the Georgia Standards of Excellence with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards to provide a robust learning experience.  They differ from public preschool in that teachers @ AAA may teach to children’s interests and learning desires.

Advanced Academics Preschool program extends into the summer with a fun camp-like program to explore our world through play!

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