Plant Riverside District splash pad, Savannah

Free Splash Pad @ Plant Riverside District, Savannah

We know y’all love the renovated, self-activated Hull Park splash pad in Savannah’s Ardsley Park that we featured here.

But if you want a place for the kids to cool off in downtown Savannah, head to the splash pad at Plant Riverside District. It’s located along the River Walk, closer to the River Street end, near the door up to Myrtle & Rose Rooftop Bar.

Like Hull Park splash pad, this one also is free & open to the public.

This splash pad has statues & benches, views of the Savannah bridge and Savannah River & plenty of amenities nearby.

Before the kids get soaked, be sure to duck into the Power Plant hotel (Generator Hall this map.), to visit or re-visit the 135-foot long, life-size, chrome-dipped dinosaur on the ceiling. This is the only existing replica of the largest dinosaur ever discovered on the planet, a Amphicoelias fragillimus dinosaur recreation that consists of 230 bones.

Public parking near District Live. Public restrooms along the River Walk. See the map here.


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