Toddler Gym Playdates @ Savannah Sharks, Savannah & Richmond Hill

Toddler Playdates for crawlers to age 4 @ Savannah Sharks Gym, Savannah & Richmond Hill

Join Savannah Sharks for a safe, fun gym playtime with your toddler (crawlers up to age 4) at Savannah Sharks gyms in Richmond Hill & Savannah.

These “play dates” are unstructured playtime with age-appropriate toys, swings, slides, a bouncy house, and more. It is a great way to get your child out of the house and around other children in a safe, clean and fun environment. 

​Text Savannah Sharks with questions at 912-308-3818

​An adult is required to be present to supervise your child at all times as supervision is not provided.

Toddler Gym Playdates

Savannah gym: Mondays 10:30-Noon & Fridays 9AM-10:20AM and 10:30-Noon

Richmond Hill gym: Fridays 10:30AM-Noon

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