SouthCoast Health: Facts about the HPV Vaccine

The HPV Vaccine: Facts vs. Fiction

SouthCoast Health experts share facts about Human papillomavirus (HPV) , the most common sexually transmitted Infection (STI), here.

Nearly all cases of cervical cancer — as well as other cancers including those of the vulva, vagina, penis, and anus — are caused by HPV.

But HPV is highly preventable.

Similar to vaccines for many other viruses, the vaccine for HPV renders the virus ineffective by training the immune system to produce antibodies that bind to it as soon as it enters your body.

Anyone between the ages of 9 to 45 can receive the HPV vaccine to protect against the cancer-causing virus. Though this may seem an uncomfortable topic for protective parents or guardians, including HPV vaccination as part of a 10-12 year-old’s regular health check-up can ensure they’re fully safeguarded well before they become sexually active.

Those who have already started having sex can also still benefit. “If you haven’t yet contracted the virus,” assures SouthCoast Health pediatrician, Dr. Blaine Crosland (pictured) “it’s never too late to shield against it.”

Learn more about the HPV vaccine here.

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