Tax-Free Weekend 2022 in South Carolina

South Carolina Tax-Free Weekend 2022 for Back-to-School Shopping

The South Carolina Department of Revenue said the S.C. 2022 Tax Free Weekend takes place Fri. Aug. 5 through Sun. Aug. 7 2022.

The department says eligible items can be purchased online and in-store without paying the state’s 6% sales tax and any applicable local taxes during the tax holiday.

South Carolina’s Tax Free Weekend applies to the following items:
Clothing, Accessories, Footwear, School supplies, Computers, Computer equipment & software, Linens, bath towels, shower curtains.

Not exempt: Jewelry, cosmetics, eyewear, furniture and layaway purchases.

When: Aug. 5 at 12:01 a.m. –Aug. 7 2022 at midnight

What’s Tax Free: Clothing, accessories, footwear, school supplies, computers, software, printers and bed & bath supplies.

The South Carolina Tax-Free weekend is unique in that it has no dollar limits on eligible purchases. The bed and bath category (unique to the state) includes bath mats, bedding, towels, shower curtains, mattress pads, blankets and more.

See the full list and more details here.

No Georgia tax-free weekend

Georgia used to have tax-free weekends several years ago, but Georgia State lawmakers failed to pass legislation to provide for any tax holidays, according to the Georgia Department of Revenue, ending the state’s tax-free weekends.

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