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Eyes Exams for Children in Savannah

Does your child need an eye exam, and if so, when should they have one? Here’s everything parents should know about eye care for children.

SouthCoast Health provides info here on everything parents should know about eye care for children.

Eye care experts from the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommend that children receive their first screening at birth, and then again at six months to check that their eyes are developing normally. Thereafter, it’s a good idea to bring your child for an exam annually.

 “Eye exams are more than just a way to determine whether your child may need glasses,” says SouthCoast Health optometrist, Edward D. Sammons, O.D (pictured) in Savannah. “They’re also a form of ongoing, preventive care.” 

Learn about vision screenings at schools and what to expect at pediatric eye exams here.

If you have a six years old or older child due for an eye exam, schedule an appointment with one of SouthCoast Health’s eye care providers by calling 912-691-3600. SouthCoast Health offers comprehensive care for patients of all ages, including eye care for children and adults. See SouthCoast Health’s full list of primary care and specialty services online.


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