(Savannah Speech Therapists) The Speech Clinic of Coastal Empire

One-on-One Services @ The Speech Clinic of the Coastal Empire, Savannah

It can be hard to focus on new skills in a group setting, so let the amazing therapists at The Speech Clinic of the Coastal Empire help!

Our speech therapy sessions are always one-on-one, to allow focus on our client’s individualized therapy goals. Our therapists can choose strategies and activities that do the most for each client, maximizing their progress.

To make an appointment, please contact the office: 912-712-3999


The Speech Clinic has two convenient locations: Midtown Savannah (130 Stephenson Ave) and Wilmington Island (315 Johnny Mercer Blvd), and they are also happy to work with your child at your child’s preschool/daycare setting.


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