(Savannah pediatricians) General pediatric direct primary care practice in Savannah: The Tiny Beet with Dr. Caudill

The Tiny Beet in Savannah is a direct patient care practice (DPC).

The Tiny Beet is a general pediatric direct primary care (DPC) practice in Savannah specializing in Lifestyle Medicine in order to focus on the root cause of my patients’ health.

Dr. Yolanda Rivera-Caudill “The Dr. Beet” invites you and your family to join her in improving the health in our Savannah community, a tiny step at a time.

A DPC model, similar to concierge medicine, allows for a tailored experience with each individual patient and works as a monthly membership. As a result, Dr. Caudill can spend more time with her patients at The Tiny Beet.

Learn more here.

Call 912-777-6830 or visit tinybeet.com


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