(Savannah pediatricians) Dr. Kelsey Alexander: Is A Concierge Pediatric Clinic Right For You?

Benefits of Concierge Pediatric Care

Finding a new pediatrician may seem like a daunting task for some, but it doesn’t have to be that way! By blending the devotion of traditional medicine with modern-day conveniences, Dr. Kelsey Alexander’s concierge pediatric practice offers services in Savannah and surrounding areas that help parents save time, money, and worry.

Here are the top three ways her Savannah concierge pediatric clinic is changing the way our community experiences healthcare.

For busy parents with little extra time: Take control of your schedule and your little one right from your phone! With concierge pediatric care, as soon as your child starts showing symptoms, you can easily book an appointment online. No call is required. You can plan ahead and make sure your child is seen—and treated—quickly. With same or next-day appointments, you can ensure minimal time is missed from your schedule.

Would you like an option to avoid waiting rooms with other patients? At Dr. Alexander’s practice, you’ll walk right into your warm and inviting patient room for a 30 to 60 minute appointment. The clinic doesn’t even have a waiting room because their schedule provides ample availability as a concierge clinic with limited patients. During your appointment, you’ll have plenty of time to ask every question on your list. If you think of more after you leave, just call or text Dr. Alexander and speak with her directly. You can follow up at no additional cost.

Do you find yourself Googling healthcare-related questions after hours? Coastal Care Partners allows patients direct access to Dr. Alexander on weekends and after hours. Patients can text, call, send photos, and send videos. By providing continuity of care, you can avoid unnecessary visits, trips to urgent care, and trips to the ER, ultimately saving you time and money.

If this sounds like the type of pediatrician you’re looking for, Coastal Care Partners may be the right choice for you! Located on Skidaway Island and locally owned, the concierge pediatric clinic at Coastal Care Partners has been providing exemplary care for local families since its opening. Dr. Kelsey Alexander, a board-certified pediatric physician with more than 12 years of pediatric experience, is dedicated to prioritizing the patient-physician relationship.

By keeping a limited number of patients in the practice, Dr. Alexander can give your family the time and attention they deserve. Give the office a call at 912-598-6312 or visit their website here to learn more or to enroll for membership.

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