(Savannah pediatricians) Dr. Kelsey Alexander @ Coastal Care Partners on Skidaway Island offers concierge pediatrics

Benefits of Concierge Pediatric Care

At Coastal Care Partners’ new Concierge Pediatric Clinic in the Village on Skidaway Is., Savannah pediatrician Dr. Kelsey Alexander wants all of her patients to feel as comfortable as possible.

That’s why they’ve taken the time to create a welcoming, calm atmosphere in patient rooms.As an added plus, the practice also has no waiting rooms! Instead, you’ll be able to walk into the clinic and head straight into your appointment with Dr. Alexander!

With unrushed visits lasting from 30-60 minutes, you’ll leave the practice assured that all of your concerns and questions were properly addressed and that your child was given the care and attention they deserve.

Learn more about Dr. Alexander’s services or enroll for membership today here.


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