Is Your Child Afraid of the Doctor’s Office? SouthCoast Health Tips on How You Can Help

SouthCoast Health: What to do if your child fears pediatrician visits

Half of parents say their preschoolers are afraid of doctors’ visits, and one-fifth of parents say they struggle to speak with providers because their children get so upset.

SouthCoast Health medical experts offer tips here on how to help including: explain what to expect: validate your child’s feelings; use make-believe play: and lead by example.

“Do what you can to manage your own stress before and during the appointment. “One way to get relief,” advises Alisha Bennett, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at SouthCoast Health, “is to designate a specific time for asking questions.”

If there are any important matters you’d like to discuss with the doctor, consider bringing another parent or support person along, so you can speak alone with the doctor in private before or after your child is seen.

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