SouthCoast Health: Schedule pediatric exams sooner, rather than later

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Summer is an ideal time to schedule a pediatrics appointment to complete a yearly check-up.

SouthCoast Health pediatric experts say annual wellness exams are critical in maintaining the health and happiness of your child, and knocking these out at the beginning of the summer versus at the end avoids many potential problems.

SouthCoast Health facilities have taken precautions to keep their offices safe for patient visits, said SouthCoast Health Pediatrician Dr. David Mozer.

“Our offices become so hectic at the end of the summer when school is about to begin again. Because of this we always encourage parents to bring their kids in at the beginning of the summer to avoid the back to school rush,” Dr. Mozer said. “This also ensures the child and parent have more quality time with their pediatrician and gives parents peace of mind through summer months usually filled with lots of travel.”

Still not convinced to schedule an early-summer pediatrics wellness visit?

Check out these four main reasons the proactive approach is best.

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