(Savannah pediatricians) Pediatric Associates of Savannah now offers telemedicine appointments

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Pediatric Associates of Savannah is now offering telemedicine appointments due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These are by appointment. These will occur over a video streaming device, from the convenience of your own home or other location. An appointment is made just like a regular appointment (by calling Pediatrics Associates of Savannah office at 912.355.2462), and a telemedicine appointment is made for a specific time, with a specific doctor.

Any device that has a camera and internet access works in most cases, WIFI is preferred for connection speed. A smartphone or tablet is acceptable.

Learn more here.

Pediatric Associates has discontinued all walk in clinics as of March 19, as long as the COVID-19 threat exists.

Pediatric Associates still offers in-office appointments 365 days a year.

Pediatric Associates of Savannah has offices in Savannah, the Islands and Pooler. Learn more here.

Pediatrics Associates of Savannah locations

Pediatric Associates in Savannah
4600 Waters Ave, Suite 100,
Savannah 31404

Pediatric Associates of Savannah in Pooler
110 Medical Park Drive
Pooler 31322

Pediatric Associates of Savannah on Whitemarsh Is.
1001 Memorial Dr
Savannah 31410

Pediatric Associates of Savannah, 4600 Waters Ave, Suite 100 Savannah, 31404-6702, (912) 355-2462, www.pedsav.com On Facebook here.  Pediatric Associates of Savannah is a SouthernMamas.com advertiser

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