Savannah Nephrologist: @ SouthCoast Health: Common Kidney Health Problems

kidney problems Savannah doctors Nizar Eskandar

SouthCoast Health Nephrologist Dr. Nizar Eskandar

While the kidneys may only be about the size of your fist, these bean-shaped organs are vital to the function of your body. Healthy kidneys filter about a half cup of blood every minute, remove waste, and produce urine.

“About 14 percent of people will experience a form of kidney disease in their lifetime,” SouthCoast Health Nephrologist Dr. Nizar Eskandar stated. “It’s important to know that kidney disease is a general medical term for the multiple health conditions that can eventually cause kidney failure. Some of the most common are high blood pressure and diabetes, but there’s a long list that can affect you or a loved one.”

SouthCoast Health experts explain some of the most common kidney problems that people can experience here. 

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