Santa on Firetruck Savannah neighborhood visits with Southside Fire

Santa Firetruck Savannah Southside Fire

Southside Fire’s Montgomery Division is getting ready for their annual Santa Truck detail when Santa visits various Savannah neighborhoods on a firetruck.

The 2019 Santa firetruck holidays dates and route:
Fri. Dec 20: Whitfield Avenue (Mistwood neighborhood as starting point)
Sat. Dec. 21: Ferguson Avenue (Sandfly as starting point)
Sun. Dec. 22: Burnside Island (Whitfield side of Beaulieu Avenue as starting point)
Mon. Dec. 23: Rain Date

Southside Fire will post updates and additional information here leading up to the event and during the event. This will include departure times from the station and their starting point for each area.

This will allow you to plan out an approximate time in which Santa should be coming to your neighborhood.

Learn more here.


Fri. Dec. 20, route starts at 6PM.

The route begins at Mistwood. From there:

Oak Bluff
Waters Bluff
Whitfield Mobile Estates
Edenfield Ln
Rivers Bend
Mendel Avenue
Heather Street
Break at Little S Shopping Center
Whitfield Park
Pine Ridge
Strachan Avenue
Summit Ridge
Rivers Edge
River view Mobile Estates

Free & open to the public.


Sat. Dec. 21, route starts at 6PM.

The route starts in Sandfly and travels towards Shipyard.

This route includes all subdivisions along Ferguson Avenue, the Forest City Gun Club, Bethesda, Pinpoint Avenue and Lehigh Avenue.

The rain date is Dec. 23. In the event Saturday and a Sunday are delayed due to weather, the route will be modified in an attempt to cover as much area missed as possible.

Free & open to the public.


Sun. Dec. 22, route starts at 6PM

Burnside Island

This route begins on the Whitfield side of Beaulieu Avenue, then takes Beaulieu towards Shipyard covering Butler and Beaulieu Farm Bend along the way, then take the causeway to cover the island.

On the way back, the route goes to Galleon Court.

Dec. 23 is the rain date to make up as much of the route as possible. For updates, up to minute departure times and estimated arrival time at designated break locations, go here..

Free & open to the public.

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