New, free water-saving toilets from the City of Savannah

Here’s a way to save some money if you’re a Savannah resident living in a dwelling built before 1993. : free, NEW water-saving toilets from the City of Savannah.

The City of Savannah’s Water Resources Bureau offers vouchers for a free, new water saving toilet to Savannah residents.

These vouchers can be redeemed for a new free toilet at Sandpiper Supply at 4101 Bull St. in Savannah.

This Toilet Voucher Program is designed to replace old, water-wasting toilets with City of Savannah and EPA approved models. Replacing the old toilets that use 3-7 gallons per flush with these new 1.28 per flush toilets could help reduce your water bill.

The process involves printing out this online application, filling it out & emailing it to Laura Walker at at the City of Savannah along with a copy of your most recent water bill.

If your application is approved, you will receive an emailed voucher package. You present one voucher to Sandpiper Supply for the free, packaged, water-saving toilet. The voucher includes the entire cost of the new American Standard 1.28 gallons per flush tank and bowl.

The program requires that you bring your old toilet to the City of Savannah Dean Forest Landfill within 30 days and turn in a second city-provided voucher there.

Find out how to apply here. 

Questions? Contact the City of Savannah Water and Sewer Department at 912-651-2221 or email

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