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Dr. Christa L. Jillard, SouthCoast Health Surgery

Yearly mammograms were routine for Savannah mom Kristi Lowenthal since she was 38. She started the annual screenings earlier than most because of a family history of breast cancer.

Lowenthal also had regular check-ups, ate right, and exercised. Eventually, she admits, those yearly mammograms “became very routine, and I always felt like it was an inconvenience.”

But a perennial mammogram likely saved her life.

In February 2017, a decade after receiving her first mammogram, the staff at SouthCoast Health in Savannah Imaging noticed something suspect. After detecting a small lump, the staff scheduled Lowenthal for an outpatient needle biopsy. Due to the awkward location of the lump, the biopsy was unable to take place.

Lowenthal was then referred to SouthCoast Health surgeon Dr. Christa Jillard. The physician’s original plan was to remove some tissue for biopsy. However, once Dr. Jillard began operating, she chose to extract the entire lump. The biopsy came back positive.

“A week before my 49th birthday, I got the call I had breast cancer,” Lowenthal says. “And that’s just one of those calls you think you’re never going to get. …It was shocking, unimaginable, and a lot to take in. So that’s where my journey started.”

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